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Blender (LOST)

Beat Bonks Rooftop while he's Touching Spoon's Helmet (FOUND)

Colin the Dancer (1 version found, 1 version lost)

Photo Booth ChickenCar (LOST)

Colin Dies by the Elevator (FOUND)

Spoon Brushing his Brain while Brushing his Teeth (FOUND)

Colin Gets Sliced by Rooftop (FOUND)

The Kid Makes Spoon's Bones Out & Replaces with a Dynamite (LOST)

Space Hopper (LOST)

Squeaky Bum (LOST)

Dog (LOST)

Rooftop Takes the Bus (LOST)

Bubblegum (FOUND)

Balloon Gum (LOST)

Colin Makes His Friend (LOST)

Colin's (FOUND)

Rooftop Kicking Colin (FOUND)

Dizzy Dog (FOUND)

Rooftop running with athlete (FOUND)

Helicopter (LOST)

Turtle (LOST)

Plane (LOST)

Cow (LOST)

Rooftop stepping on Beat (FOUND)

Rooftop and Beat skateboarding (LOST)

Baseball (LOST)

Rooftop stepping on Spoon and Beat (FOUND)

Kali Cat (LOST)

Colin in the roundabout (FOUND)

Rooftop watching the television called animal & eating food (FOUND)

Vehicles (FOUND)

Photo Booth: Colin (FOUND)

Beat in a lawn chair (FOUND)

Colin still ate balloons (FOUND)

Rooftop as a helicopter (FOUND)

Photo Booth: Rooftop (LOST)

Photo Booth: Spoon (LOST)

Rooftop putting up a picture (LOST)