In 2008 or 2009, Noggin decided to air Full Length Movies (Based of the Shows that Noggin Air). Areesh101 (Areesh Malik) remembered about this thing, but what you don’t remember... they’re some idents for the ”Noggin Movietime”. Areesh however doesn’t know if it exists, but kinda remembered the “Noggin Movietime” idents when he was little. He still doesn’t know if his memory was real or fake.

Here are some idents that Areesh remembered:

  • “We’ll be right back” Ident (The Ident starts out at Moose and Zee’s House, everyone (except Moose and Zes) does random things since there’s a commercial break on the TV, then Moose A Moose says: “We’ll be right back after these messages, On Noggin’s Movietime, then the Noggin logo and Moose and Zee appear at the end of the Ident.^)
  • “Now we’re back” Ident (Areesh doesn’t remember what happened in the Ident, but he claims that that’s the promo he remembered when he was little.*)

^ = “Ident exists/kinda exists, but the plot of the Ident is a guess, so the plot is either true or false.”

* = “Ident exists or doesn't exists, but there‘s not much info to the Ident.”

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