Lost Play Along with Ollie Segments

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Play Along with Ollie was a short-format Sesame Street series that aired in-between programming on Nick Jr. in Australia until early 2013. 35 segments were filmed in 2004 and aired until 2011. The series features Ollie interacting with children and singing, in special episodes titled "Sing Along with Ollie."

Guest stars included Elmo, Grover, Ernie and Bert, and Tom Carroll.

Found Segments

  1. Ollie gets ready to go to the beach (FOUND)
  2. Ollie smells something (FOUND)
  3. The Great Big Song (FOUND/FOUND)
  4. Ollie ties shoelaces (FOUND)
  5. Ollie and Phoenicia (FOUND)
  6. Ollie and Olivia (FOUND)
  7. Days of the Week (Monday) (LOST)
  8. Days of the Week (Tuesday) (LOST)
  9. Days of the Week (Wednesday) (FOUND)
  10. Days of the Week (Thursday) (LOST)
  11. Days of the Week (Friday) (LOST)
  12. Days of the Week (Saturday) (FOUND/FOUND)
  13. Days of the Week (Sunday) (LOST)
  14. The Lunchtime Song (FOUND)
  15. Ollie gets ready for the party (FOUND)
  16. The Good Morning Song (FOUND)
  17. Ollie looks for Wally (FOUND)
  18. When I Grow Up (FOUND)
  19. Digging for Numbers (FOUND)
  20. The Upside Down Song (FOUND)
  21. The Sleeping Song (LOST)
  22. The Bedtime Song (FOUND)
  23. Fluffy Yellow Monster (FOUND)
  24. Good Manners (FOUND/FOUND)
  25. Me and My Bicycle (AUDIO PARTIALLY FOUND)
  26. Counting Kangaroos (FOUND)
  27. Saying Goodbye (FOUND)
  28. Fabulous, Fit and Fine (FOUND)
  29. Ollie and Maddie (FOUND)
  30. Ollie and Elmo - Birthdays (FOUND/FOUND)
  31. Ollie and Grover (SCREENSHOT FOUND)
  32. Ollie sees a rainbow (SCREENSHOT FOUND/SCREENSHOT FOUND)
  33. Ollie talking about riding bikes (SCREENSHOT FOUND)
  34. Ollie talking about colours (SCREENSHOT FOUND)
  35. Ollie meets Ruby (FOUND)
  36. Ollie meets Bennet (FOUND)
  37. Catching B's (FOUND)
  38. Ollie talking about yellow things (FOUND)
  39. The Jumping Song (LOST)
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