This may be entirely false, but hear me out. I have several memories of watching SpongeBob as a child, but one of them strikes me as most interesting.

I vaguely remember watching some SpongeBob on Nickelodeon (duh) when I was about five or six. Before the commercial break, an animation of the SpongeBob logo floated down from the top of the screen. (It was the modern logo, so it must have been somewhere between 2009 and around 2011. I was very young.) Over it there was an announcer that said "SpongeBob SquarePants has been brought to you by..." Then it went to the commercials. (As they do)

Looking back this strikes me as odd. Before I wrote this I thought that "This can't be real. Nickelodeon is a cable network that does not run on public funding." But then I remembered that several interstitial material was made for the SpongeBob specials and marathons around that time. (i.e. Danimals and Burger King) So maybe my mind melded some random imagery together in some sort of Mandela effect.

Truth or Square had a huge marketing push. So I would not be surprised if it was part of some advertising mumbo jumbo. But tell me what you think.

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