Lost Media Archive

HeavenlySteven (formerly known as TacoComedian) had created a GoAnimate (AKA Vyond) account back in 2012. He also made his Vyond (GoAnimate) videos back in 2013. He left Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) in late October 2015, fearing that "the Non-Business themes and backgrounds would be permanently removed once HTML5 arrives"; He later nearly removes all of the videos (except for AnastasiaDisney Gets Grounded Forever which was uploaded by Emma Harder on 16th October 2013) saved for the last two, which he keeps as a reminder that "He will return to Vyond, only if he is worthy". Almost three years later, Mark Breaks his Teacher's Leg, Anthony VS King Slender VS Bob VS Aiden and Tobey and Hank: The Encounter Of Bowser were found, but they got removed again in December 2020. Some of the videos were lost or found such as Sonic, Bob & Kirby Show The Toyland, Willy Wonka Augustus Gloop, Willy Wonka Violet Beauregarde, Willy Wonka Veruca Salt, Willy Wonka Mike Teavee, Brian's Trip To Gulliver's Kingdom Theme Park, Dallas Gets Grounded Videos, AnastasiaDisney Gets Grounded Forever, Adam Gets Grounded videos (2013), Wolverine and Others Go to the Movies, Abigail Goes to Preschool, and more.

List of the Videos

  1. Dallas Gets Grounded For Tranquility (LOST)
  2. Dallas Gets Grounded For Double Tranquility (LOST)
  3. Dallas Gets Grounded For Triple Tranquility (LOST)
  4. Dallas Gets Grounded For Super Tranquility (LOST)
  5. Ron, Adelaide and Brian Get Expelled (LOST)
  6. Brian's Trip To Gulliver's Kingdom Theme Park (FOUND)
  7. Brian & Frank Gets Ty In Trouble (LOST)
  8. Diarrhea Kills The Kids & Gets Grounded For It (LOST)
  9. Michael & Diana Gets Grounded On Christmas (LOST)
  10. Buzz Lightyear Kills Barney & Gets Grounded (LOST)
  11. Brian And Frank Gets Kimberly Arrested (LOST)
  12. Brian & Frank Blames Kimberly On The Bus (LOST)
  13. Mark McLuizy See Bebe's Kids In 3D While Grounded (LOST)
  14. TacoTurbo2013's Character Information (LOST)
  15. Character Zodiac Signs (LOST)
  16. Brian Goes To McDonald's/ Keroro Gets Grounded (LOST)
  17. Keroro Gets Grounded For Nothing (LOST)
  18. Ty Gets A Capital Punishment (LOST)
  19. Ty Gets Grounded BIG TIME!!! (LOST)
  20. SSBL Fight #1 (LOST)
  21. Ron Gets Grounded for Breaking His Teacher's Leg (LOST)
  22. Ron Gets Suspended, Expelled and Gets Grounded
  23. Ron Escapes Miltary School and Gets Arrested (LOST)
  24. Ron Gets No Easter Candy (Easter Special) (LOST)
  25. 1st Grader Gets Suspended (LOST)
  26. Adelaide Changes The School Name Into McDonald's (LOST)
  27. Adelaide Kills Charlie And Gets Suspended BIG TIME (LOST)
  28. Adelaide Gets Grounded BIGGER TIME!!! (LOST)
  29. Adelaide Gets Expelled BIG TIME!!! (LOST)
  30. Adelaide Gets Held Back (LOST)
  31. Diarrhea Gets Grounded Segments 1 & 2 (LOST)
  32. The Powerpuff Girls: Meet TacoTurbo2013 (LOST)
  33. Mark Curses at the Teacher and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  34. Connor's Timeline (LOST)
  35. Mark Chambers Gets Fat At 5 Times (LOST)
  36. AnastasiaDisney Gets Grounded Forever (FOUND)
  37. Sonic, Bob & Kirby Show The Toyland (FOUND)
  38. Bruce Gets Grounded (LOST)
  39. Bruce Misbehaves In A Restaurant (LOST)
  40. Mark Breaks his Teacher's Leg (LOST)
  41. Anthony VS King Slender VS Bob VS Aiden (LOST)
  42. Tobey and Hank: The Encounter Of Bowser (LOST)
  43. Ron and Adelaide's Timeline (LOST)
  44. Tobey and Hank's Timeline (LOST)
  45. Adam Gets Fat At Culver's And Gets Grounded (LOST)
  46. Adam Gets Suspended From School (LOST)
  47. Adam Misbehaves At The Restaurant (LOST)
  48. Adam Robs 7-Eleven And Gets Arrested (LOST)
  49. Adam Gets His Teacher Arrested And Gets Grounded (LOST)
  50. Adam Gets Expelled From School And Gets Grounded (LOST)
  51. Andy Panda Gets Sent to Bed Early (LOST)
  52. Andy Panda Gets Grounded for Beating Up Ash and Pikachu (LOST)
  53. Edward Gets His Revenge (LOST)
  54. Adelaide Gets in Dead Meat (LOST)
  55. Adelaide Goes to Court (special) (LOST)
  56. Mark Hurts Christina and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  57. Dustin Goes to the Zoo While Grounded (LOST)
  58. Chris Watches The Super Bowl While Grounded (LOST)
  59. Chris Gets Grounded for Killing Ashley Freeman (LOST)
  60. Chris Gets a Girlfriend and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  61. The SpongeBob and Patrick Show: Funtime (LOST)
  62. The SpongeBob and Patrick Show: Meet Yoshi and Pikachu (LOST)
  63. The SpongeBob and Patrick Show: Meet Mario and Luigi (LOST)
  64. Billy Gets Fat at Zaxby's and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  65. Oscar Behaves At Target And Gets Ungrounded (LOST)
  66. Greg Gets Fat From KFC and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  67. Greg's Timeline (LOST)
  68. Greg Gets Sent to Bed Early (LOST)
  69. Greg Kills Dora and Boots and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  70. Sam Breaks the Printer and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  71. Wolverine and Others Go to the Movies (LOST)
  72. Lance's Bad Dream (LOST)
  73. Fox Goes Skydiving While Grounded (LOST)
  74. Lance Gets a Few Shots (LOST)
  75. Matthew Gets PS/Lance Fails To Get Melanie's Soda (LOST)
  76. Lance's Apologies (LOST)
  77. BJ and Alexandra Get Sent to Bed Early (LOST)
  78. Damon's Timeline (LOST)
  79. Raphael Gets Grounded and Gets Sent to Bed Early (LOST)
  80. Raphael Creates a Black Holes and Dies (LOST)
  81. Raphael Behaves at Target and Gets Ungrounded (LOST)
  82. Raphael Goes to The Movies and Gets Sent to Russia (LOST)
  83. Raphael and his Friends Get Executed (LOST)
  84. Abigail Goes to Preschool (LOST)
  85. The Phoenix Family Ep 11: Gets The DT Teacher Arrested (LOST)
  86. Lance Meets Miles and They Get Grounded (LOST)
  87. Miles Gets a Girlfriend and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  88. Miles Steals a Donut and Gets Grounded (LOST)
  89. Lance Gets in Dead Meat (LOST)
  90. The Spelling Bee (LOST)
  91. I.R.O.N.Y. 007 Pt. 3: Lance and Miles Abducted (LOST)
  92. I.R.O.N.Y. 007 Pt. 16: The Robots Kill Declan (LOST)
  93. Willy Wonka Augustus Gloop (FOUND)
  94. Willy Wonka Violet Beauregarde (FOUND)
  95. Willy Wonka Veruca Salt (FOUND)
  96. Willy Wonka Mike Teavee (FOUND)