Lost Media Archive

Backstory: I remember growing up watching this particular video demonstration of Time Warner Cable, from 2005-2006 and am wondering if anyone could provide help. Below will be some images to ease the search.

Items featured

logos / On screen icons that I remember being featured

In addition to those it also showed various clips and individual walkthroughs about how to handle certain processes and problems. I remember it showing the SARA guide (so it might’ve been from before its usage ceased).

Clips featured (from memory)

  • A group of people dancing standing against building (this (from what I remember) was used for the fast forward portion)
  • Clip from a show (presumably on PBS) of someone extracting some substance for a science experiment of some sort (Unknown usage)
  • Some clip of people in a family room with a snack in front of them
  • Some sports event (used for freeze framing portion)
  • Some underwater video (presumably with a whale or dolphin)
  • Couple of short segments of the SARA guide
  • Some video of assembling a plane (it featured the planes’ wings to my limited knowledge)
  • There was a segment showing how to connect some computer hardware thing (modem or something else?)
  • Another family room clip (with alternate appearance)

There is possibly more, but for now these should provide some context as to what I’m referring to.

Potential ways to locate this mysterious video

  • 1. Searching through old VHS recordings for either a small portion of the infomercial type video or the full thing itself.
  • 2. Searching through a master recording from the TWC days (‘04-‘05) to find the specific segment
  • 3. Possibly contacting someone who carried over from TWC to Spectrum (if such a person exists considering how more than likely Spectrum laid off most of the TWC staff to restart their business) to see if they have a copy of the aforementioned video walkthrough.
  • 4. Not find it at all considering how Spectrum served as the successor in 2016/2017.