Lost Time Warner Cable (lengthy) advertisement video thing

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Backstory: I remember growing up watching this particular video demonstration of Time Warner Cable, from 2005-2006 and am wondering if anyone could provide help. Below will be some images to ease the search.

Potential ways to locate this mysterious video

  • 1. Searching through old VHS recordings for either a small portion of the infomercial type video or the full thing itself.
  • 2. Searching through a master recording from the TWC days (‘04-‘05) to find the specific segment
  • 3. Possibly contacting someone who carried over from TWC to Spectrum (if such a person exists considering how more than likely Spectrum laid off most of the TWC staff to restart their business) to see if they have a copy of the aforementioned video walkthrough.
  • 4. Not find it at all considering how Spectrum served as the successor in 2016/2017.
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