Lost Media Archive

YouTube profile of WigglesWorld

WigglesWorld (formerly known as readytoanimate) had created GoAnimate (AKA Vyond) account back in August 2009, sadly His account got terminated back in 2014. Here's his second account of WigglesWorldisBack until 2015, Some of his videos on YouTube Account that had WigglesWorld videos until September 2015. Some of the videos were lost or found such as Warren Cook Gets Grounded videos, Brian Gets Grounded BIG TIME (2 parts), The Wiggles Live at Disney Junior performances, The Wiggles Movie, WigglesWorld's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Little Einsteins/The Wiggles and Dorothy Get Revenge, Magical Adventure: A Wiggly Movie, Peppa Pig crossovers, Wiggly TV/TheNicktoons432 gets grounded vids and more.

List of the Videos

  1. Warren Cook breaks Greg’s leg (LOST)
  2. WigglesWorld's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  3. The Wiggles Movie 2
  4. Little Einsteins/The Wiggles and Dorothy Get Revenge
  5. Magical Adventure: A Wiggly Movie
  6. Behind The Wiggling (BOTH PARTS ARE FOUNDED)
  7. TheWarren1995 Gets Grounded For Double Tranquility (FOUNDED)
  8. krzysztofparzych Breaks Into The Wiggles' House (FOUNDED)
  9. Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony V.S. Thomas, Jessica, Mary, and Ainsley.
  10. The Wiggles Come To Shadow Projects Films (FOUNDED)
  11. Madame Gazelle's Leaving Production (FOUNDED)
  12. The Troublemakers Open Up McDonald's (FOUNDED)