Lost Media Archive

Here are a list of several lost YouTube channels.


Minecraft - TN SomeThing/The Dead Channel/Coolpool567/ Minecraft - TN SomeThing/

There was a channel called Minecraft - TN something. this channel was terminated due to repeated violations of google's policies. This channel is real because I Subscribed to him on my old channel. [1]. I subscribed to this guy too. again on my old channel. and the channel is still here. it's not been shut down, in fact, you can go on it right now. it's unknown what the real name of this channel was. for now, it says. Unsubscribe! This channel is dead. here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF4Krxzdumrh1Lk0kD8ZihQ (This channel does not exist).


Kevin was one of the only people that knew about the unlocking criteria of the Cars 2: The Video Game (DS, 3DS) (Partially Found Paint Job Themes), however, his channel was deleted in mid-2020 for violating YouTube's policies. Here's a link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgjcDovRwl_R3iBt6eWw8uw


now this one is the real mysteries. coolpool567 is a channel I did not subscribe to. but I did like one of his videos. this channel was shut down for unknown reasons. I don't have the link of this channel. but I do have a copy of one of his videos on my new channel. here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuuJm2Y2hU0.


His channel got terminated and has a new channel called TGWTVHS 2.0 where some of his videos are archived, also a chunk/handful of his videos


YouTube's channel was deleted back in 2012. He made more Dream Logos Combos when his blocked on my channel.


One of wileyk209zback's YouTube Channel were he upload all the Rugrats videos with Speakonia text-to-speech voices like on the Barney Bunch, But terminated due to of Viacom and the videos of BigBoyRats Youtube Channel are taken down and lost.


A YouTuber that became infamous for his Sonic Rants. Channel was closed by Sammy himself, although there is a channel that archived a large amount of his videos.


The Channel was hacked by an unknown person, the hacker posted 4 NSFW videos into his channel, and was then closed.

Serey Boxing

A YouTuber who uploaded a film called "Tida Mouk Ngous", but that channel has been terminated for unknown reasons.

Sonic Fan Productions

Sonic Fan Productions is a closed account.

Mick The Big Movie Fanatic 2002

He closed his account. because his privated videos. Because the logo uploader was until November 2020.


The channel was deleted back in 2008.


YouTube he gets suspended because copyright strikes he Siskel & Ebert uploads and American-Canadian TV sign-offs.


Also the channel was suspended because his copyright strikes then gets terminated The new channel called "robatsea2009".


He closed his account back in 2007.


His channel gets deleted back in 2007 during the more movie logos stuff.


YouTube he getting deleted his account doing the TV sign-offs.


In 2008, This account was suspended he more American TV signoffs for no reason.


He YouTube channel was deleted until 2009 in Milwaukee WI.

MrAcrizzy II

A bad YouTube user called Alec Behan imposter MrAcrizzy (real) he making a fake videos to him when the channel gets terminated back in 2021 (Also the imposter "We Don't Need MrAcrizzy") And Stop making fake videos out of Alec Behan and curse you.


He was taken down after committing suicide in 2010.

The Purchase Brothers

The channel folded in 2016 for unknown reasons. Only one project has been found and uploaded to YouTube, "Half-Life: Escape from City 17".


A fake PayPal impersonator/scammer hacked and got his channel deleted. A few reuploads of his content do exist and it is said that his account might be re-instated in a few days. His account was restored a few days later.

The Glenn Hub!

There are reports that his channel was terminated for using clips from someone else's VeggieTales cartoony theme song, but Glenn later confirmed that he deleted it himself after posting a "season finale" video for his series Glenny and Friends in June 2018. Despite this, an archive of his videos (including about one or two episodes of said series) is on YouTube.


Mark's channel was hacked by a Call of Duty fanboy, who erased all his YouTube Poops and then closed his account.

Brain Coukis The 90s Kid

Brain Coukis The 90s Kid got terminated somewhere in Late-2010's, due to Violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.


Em is a Canadian YouTuber with 35 Subscribers as of October 1st 2019. He specializes in Lost Media and Commentary Videos. but is also known to be a Rule 34 Artist who likes Animals. His Current Channel was Created on January 6th, 2018. But his first Channel dates back to October 26th 2013. Even though both Channels are currently up, Em has unlisted, privated, and deleted many of his old videos that either contains personal information about him or that he thinks are below his quality standards. He also does the same thing on his Furaffinity Account.

Em’s Old Account

Em’s first Account uploaded its first video on September 26th 2016. The channel’s focus was Doll Videos for kids. His Fourth Doll Video was Unlisted because it showed his face in the end. Em unlisted Every video showing his face, in order to keep his anonymity. And changed the name of the channel to “This Channel is Inactive.” A year after he stopped uploading, a new video was uploaded titled “Carrie’s Slime Video,” which was made by Em’s Younger Sister in September 10, 2019, whom he shares the channel with.

The Channel is linked here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1zft85za5r6zMAw4e03_WA.

Em’s New Account

In 2018 Em uploaded an Animation titled “Emily the Rabbit vs The CTW.” It was a Slideshow, not an animation, and it featured Em’s Now-Retired Character Emily the Rabbit. When Emily the Rabbit was replaced with Josy the Rabbit (who would later be replaced with Javier Monotonious), and Em thought the video was crap, he deleted it. The Animation revolved around Emily the Rabbit demanding the Children’s Television Workshop make Bert and Ernie get married. Until Ernie appears and says that he is actually in love with his Rubber Duckie.

Em also has a series titled “The Sotnem Recordings,” in which Em goes on a Website like 8muses or PalComix, and reads parody comics of cartoon characters, whether or not he likes them. He has currently made 5 or 6 but only 3 have been uploaded. Part 1 (Randall’s Revenge on Mentos), Part 2 (Simon is taken my Memesauce), and Part 4 (Mrs. Fiona Chupa-Chups). All of them have been deleted, Parts 1 and 4 were deleted by Em. While Part 2 was deleted for having uncensored Nudity. Em has copies of Parts 1-3 and the Latest Recording but won’t release them on another site due to the first one being over one hour long (one of his few videos to reach that goal).

The Channel is linked here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1VCAT48-DThj6pYuU8_xGQ.


In 2008, Ninsegalover2 created a YouTube channel. In 2010 Ninsegalover2 was defunct on my channel who suspended violations Ninsegalover2 renamed into NSGLV2. Who person the Ninsegalover main YT channel My second Ninsegalover2 account was retired being Ninsegalover2 is leaving on YT I'm leaving now.


In 2010, MusicProf78 is created on YT channel who music videos did In 2019 MusicProf78 leave to YouTube channel. I'm renamed into the78prof and the45prof channels.


This channel was deleted. You already his blocked channel then deleted he account new channel called "Eric's Media Corner" I saw the Andrew's Movie Corner understand that.


This channel gets terminated. He made movie and television logos and he was an uploader when the channel gets suspended back in 2008.


Also the channel gets deleted by accident. He uploads to Disney cartoons and TV shows in Touchstone Television with order.


In the 2010s, various VHS openings were offered by David and it was doing VHS updates, but it gone lost forever.

John Wayne Fan 1999's Movie Corner

He is a controversial user on YouTube channel, he forced others to say racist words or making bad message videos with angry and furious messages videos which were deleted. In May 19th, he came back to Archive's Television and Media Corner 2002 making a bad messages videos sent to Andrew's Movie Corner and Andy Ho and Maks Kochanowicz Studios and Jesus Hdz and JesusTheDVDCollector 2005 do have opinions and Hamoude Ajam and Dan Sobel said he is a bad user and Killian Sawyer I'm gonna tell Killian Sawyer were blocked my channel to YouTube or else deleted his channel or gets terminated saying Unhappy Birthday. Also he need to stop saying "The N-Word" and he deleted his channel in June 13th 2021, unlikely to come back to YouTube.


The channel was made in 2012. Starting in 2019. Andrew Vickers retired on YouTube and Twitter.

I'm quitting YouTube forever. He said he closed his Twitter account and deleted his YouTube channel.

He said the Anthony Craig and Brendan Pippin announcement video was coming soon.

But tomorrow on December 4, 2019, AndrewsMagicandMore closed his account and will not be coming back.


LogosForTheWin was a YouTube channel that started in November 6, 2010. He made channels out of logos. The Upcoming Videos list plans logos from movies. Unfortunately the channel was Terminated in October 11, 2019 due to many Copyright Claims.

SML Plush Show

He deleted his account because it got demonetized over and over so he had no choice after being sued by Nintendo.


JohnnyL80 is a most important user in logo community, he closed his account on September 27, 2020.

MeesterFonnyBoy (first incarnation)

He closed his account back in 2008 when he deleting his videos.

MeesterFonnyBoy (second incarnation)

He deleted his channel again.


TheMississippiKidd was a YouTube channel created sometime in 2009 and closed in late 2013 after receiving a copyright strike. The channel primarily consisted of reaction videos, vlogs, and game reviews, with other miscellaneous types of videos being uploaded often. Sometime after the account got closed down, Tyler (themississippikidd's real name) went on to create another channel by the name of "wwefan1", in which he uploaded a fair amount of videos before once again having the channel deleted sometime around 2015. As of currently, none of his videos have been re-uploaded or mirrored, and it is currently unknown if anyone has any of his videos saved. The closest there is to a re-upload of any kind is this memorial video his friend Wariofan13 made for him after his first channel got shut down in 2013, which consists of numerous videos from said channel accompanied by the well-known song "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

Ryan Goodwin's Movie Corner

Ryan Goodwin joined on YouTube Channel 2012 until 2020 Was can't buying more tapes anymore now turns into bad user Ryan Goodwin gonna block on YT channel He deleted his account.

ClubBBC TV's Older and Old Channel

on July 2013, Leo created a YouTube Channel as "cywizer". and closed on August 12, 2018 for Nathan Sotack's termination, which made 2000+ of his vidos. The Channel primarily consisted of AKCYTP, Roblox and other stuff, with many types of videos being uploaded many in daily. many videos remain on CyTV clone channels.

On November 19, 2020, Nathan Wilkes from ALPHABLOCKS LTD TEAM has terminated these youtube channels such as "ClubBBC TV 365" and "J W".

Nathan Sotack's Old channel from 2017

on June 7, 2017, the YouTube channel is created by Vicki Sotack. it was terminated on August 12, 2018 for multiple claims of AKCYTP. The channel primarily focuses on AKCYTP and Leapfrog stuff.

on May 3, 2021, the YouTuber named "ClubBBC TV 365 DRUMS" has restored the Nathan Sotack's channel but tad bit of his videos are still lost such as "Another Klasky Csupo YTP N997", and "Another Klasky Csupo YTP N998".


TheCuteLittleKitten is a possibly closed/terminated account.


FlyingMario123 is a possibly closed/terminated account.

styled tangent 6 gaming

jimi the owner of this channel later delete his channel due to copyright for videos.

Brennan White is Back

Brennan White was several Youtuber accounts from October 7th, 2009 to February 2017. This channel was deleted. many of his videos are deleted in May 2016.

Capitan Trooper 19-97/Waluishi old videos

Capitan Trooper 19-97(formerly known as waluishi) is channel that created in 2014. his channel was based on criticizing other youtube channels, talk about cartoons, movies and videogames, but is best know for having a fight with Matias Vera(Peluchin Entertainment) in 2018.

but in 2019 he began to have problems with other people with led him to erase almost all his old videos from his channel. but some of his videos have been rescued.




Patrick AraujoTheMovieEntertainment

Patrick Araujo started in YouTube Channel 2016 until April 29, 2018 He deleted his account.

Cringe Archives

He stolen videos out of YouTube being Spencer Karter Now got terminated

Annie Phoenix For The Win 1988

Annie Phoenix YouTube channel got terminated making he angry faces Justin Luis Encarnacion

Cool Dog (VRChat)

Cool Dog used to be a Youtuber that made videos about him being a dog in the game VRChat. Cool Dog deleted his social media and his channel for no known reason and with thousands of subscribers.

Usagi Crystal14

Usagi Crystal14 is a closed/terminated account.

Willy Freebody (Skyoneer2007)


Willy Freebody used to be YouTuber in November 1, 2006 to September 4, 2019, February 13 to 24, 2021, he was based on PBS logo parodies on 2007 to 2010, drum covers on 2009 to 2012, wrestling on 2006 to 2007, and other stuff on 2006 to 2019. in February 18, 2019, Willy Freebody privated all videos to one. In September 4, 2019, Willy Freebody finally privates all of his videos and then closed the YouTube account. many of his PBS logo parodies videos are found by many users. thumbnail in many non-PBS videos was partially found

On February 13, 2021, Willy Freebody decided to return from YouTube, but all of his videos are still private, the YouTube channel lost it's 110 subscribers from 4.13K to 4.02K after he reopened his channel. his channel about page description said: "I’ve locked up all my videos, they go back to an old chapter in my life that I have closed, I have a new journey ahead of me, I will probably be closing this account soon. If anyone wants to know, I created this account back in 2006 right out of high school and Had a bold world to learn. If you’re wondering why I unlocked my channel, I’m going to looq 4 an old video of me, because someone wants it. Other than that all my videos R locked indefinitely. Once I get that one vid I’m relooking this channel.".

On February 24, 2021, It is most likely that Willy Freebody has closed the YouTube channel for 2nd time, making some of his deleted YouTube videos unavailable and almost all of his private YouTube videos were kept still private. which makes everyone impossible to search, archive Willy Freebody's videos unrelated to PBS.

On May 12, 2021, Couple of his videos such as "Skyoneer2007 Moves on" and "PBS 1971 p head ident Bloopers (Number 2)" was found by Toodle-oo Enterprises and reuploaded it onto YouTube by ClubBBC TV 365.

On May 15, 2021, The Video "PBS Kids P Pals Bloopers" was found by VideoWizard2, it was also reuploaded it onto YouTube by ClubBBC TV 365 in 2 days later.

On August 8, 2021, Willy Freebody reopened his YouTube channel for 2nd time and then closed in almost 1 day after reopening it.

On October 15, 2021, Willy Freebody have give a chance to reopen his YouTube channel, instead of doing nothing and closing the channel again, he decided to unprivate all of his PBS stuff that he made on throughout 2007 to 2010, however it is unknown if Willy had to unprivate his other videos like drum covers that he remembered on his early twenties age.

UltimateTeletubbiesFan1997 Is Back & The Other One

UltimateTeletubbiesFan1997 Is Back became terminated on an unknown datte. Channel Is Terminated Is one. Next Is Mint.md2

There Is One SRB2 Youtuber That Got Deleted But Restarted His Account It's Named Mint.md2 He Port Models From 2.1 To 2.2 One Day I Report Mint.md2 For Bullying BlueSanix & His Channell & Got Delete Only 2 Videos Has Been FOUND.

video 1: https://youtu.be/7Ati5kNJvu0

video 2: https://youtu.be/7Ati5kNJvu0

Chritina M

Christina M is terminated account.

Marcus Butler/MoreMarcus

Marcus Lloyd Butler was a very popular internet superstar, co-presenting PointlessBlog alongside Alfie Deyes in the mid Noughties. His YouTube channels were up and running until Spring 2019 where he deleted most of his videos until in January 2020, all his videos were privated/deleted, making them being lost. He quit vlogging in April 2020 to pursue a fashion career nu-in with his partner Stefanie Giesinger in Berlin. He re-uploaded his most popular videos in December 2020.

Angry Sheep Studio

Angry Sheep Studio was an account, but it got closed.

Yoshi2010 reverse card

yoshi2010 reverse card was the original channel from gello boi 2.0. he closed his account back in may 2020. it is unknown if his videos will be found.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher was terminated. His Pretty Cure videos became lost medfa.

Snowcinnom Wolf

Snowcinnom Wolf was terminated. All of his videos are lost.

The Thomas Club

The Thomas Club was a British Youtuber, but he closed his channel and all of his videos are lost.

BFB Baby

BFB Baby was a channel run by someone only known as Ashy. They produced music videos as well as blogs and fan-made episodes of BFB. They originally made their channel on the first of March 2018, but closed it on June 1, 2021. Some videos are speculated to be still on the web, but they might be lost to time. [1]


Suvoui was a kids YouTube program featuring Finnish cartoons. It was closed on June 19, 2021 and hasn't surfaced since then.


DudeAwesome6 was closed or terminated, and thus, lost all his videos.

Magus Julio

Magus Julio Channel was terminated. All of his Precures videos are lost.

Chabeli Sanchez

Chabeli Sanchez was Chris Sanchez's first account. Chabeli Sanchez got terminated on May 29, 2020, because the channel got 3 copyright strikes, most of them were form Animaccord. Many videos from this account are lost. Only a few videos including one on Vimeo were recovered. Pictures of some videos of that are found.

IronicTruth (ktskid)

IronicTruth (formerly ktskid) is a YouTube channel created back in May 5, 2007 (21 days before Christopher M's birthday) which he will upload wedgie video stuff from 2008-2011. but on an unknown date, he made all of his videos unavailable from YouTube which is LOST FOREVER. except in this video "High Speed for the holidays".

Only the video could be watchable right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2HycY90nnY



He got terminated due to copyright strikes, mostly for music. He originally got 16.7k subs.

Ricky Flores Formerly Sailor Moon TV Productions


He got terminated on June 14, 2021 for cyberbullying and copyright strikes. He gained 11.5k subs. He's back with his new channel.

Sailor Moon Says!


Sailor Moon Says! channel got terminated on June 21, 2021. She got 94.5k subs.

DSC 44


DSC 44 got terminated for violation terms on November 9, 2020, but he came back with his second channel on the same date. He originally gained 2.8k subs.

Mercury's Wave


Mercury's Wave got terminated on June 22, 2021, but he came back with second channel on June 24, 2021. He originally gained 1.15k subs.

Wizard Flower Multilanguage


He got terminated for violating Google's Terms of Service on June 22, 2021, but he came back with second channel on June 23, 2021.

Sailor Twilight


She got terminated for receiving multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement. She originally has 2.72k subs.

Supreme Moon Senshi


She got terminated for receiving multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement. Has 42.7k subs.



She got terminated for copyright claims. Has 59.9k subs.

invisible i

She was a former Welsh YouTuber that did vlogging videos. Her first name is Katy and she Asperger's Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. She tried to post regular videos about her lifestyle and experiences while learning to live with her diversities and disabilities. She had more than 200 videos and more than 50,000 subscribers. She deleted her channel but it is unclear as to why she did so.


He was a gaming Youtuber that had around 300K subscribers who also collaborated with people Markiplier. His relatives deleted his channel permanently in 2019 after he was arrested on counts of attempting to lure in two minors and possession of child pornography. Some videos of his have been reuploaded, but a lot are still lost.

Pencilmate & Pencilmiss YT

He was a YouTube channel with 1K subscribers that made content based on Pencilmation. His channel got terminated recently for multiple third party copyright strikes. He is currently using his other channel Max & Ichi YT.


tomk205zback is possibly a terminated or closed channel.


MrMikeSempai is possibly a terminated or closed channel.

jeremiah hernandez

jeremiah hernandez is possibly a terminated or closed channel.

K'On Silver

K'On Silver is a terminated channel.


HarryThePapyrusCreator is a closed channel.


She was a YouTuber from Portugal (content in English).

Fantastic Adventures

Due to the incident, YouTube closed the channel.

Aaron Paulhamus

His first channel on December 11th,2017, Until It was closed on July 11th, 2019 because of YouTube third party claims. He made his second channel in Jul 14th, 2019 but this channel was terminated. In June 19th,2021 he goes back to his old channel that was created in Aug 10th, 2019 but was also terminated as well. As of July 6, 2021, he created his fourth account.

James Clermont

His videos of "The Magic School Bus" were in private since 2018, As of 2021, the videos are available:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgtmV_viYceY77cy_VsWhsQ

Kevin557823 (1st account)

The channel was created in September 28th, 2016, until it was closed in August 2nd, 2017.

Kevin Kpelafiya (2nd account)

There was a 2nd account called "Kevin Kpelafiya" which was created in August 3rd, 2017. As of August 31st, 2018, the channel was deleted and lost a thousand videos and subscribers.

Power Lower The Object Thingy

Power Lower The Object Thingy channel was created in July 6th, 2018, until this channel was deleted in September 13th,2018. His channel was brought back in September 14th,2018, until his channel was terminated in Aug 15th,2019, but got it back since October 6th,2019.

Marble Blast

The channel was created in July 6th,2018, As of Marble Blast Gold Game. As of early 2019, this channel is deleted.

The Magic School Bus

The channel was created in July 7th,2018. As of mid 2019, the channel is deleted.


Abeltherainbow is a closed channel.

dax the ytpEr 2021 / sam craft rocks (old channel)

dax the ytpEr 2021 / sam craft rocks' old channel got terminated for violating YouTube community guidelines, which makes akc rounds lost.

Emmanuel Thomas

Emmanuel Thomas joined in 2017. As of August 8, 2021, his channel was terminated for stalking people.

Stephen Kpelafiya (1st and 2nd account)

Stephen Kpelafiya's 1st account was created in September 28th,2017. As of mid 2018, his channel and Kevin Kpelafiya (2nd account) were also deleted.

Stephen Kpelafiya's 2nd account was created in August 20th,2018. As of October 2nd,2020 he deleted his videos, because he no longer has access to upload more videos.

Master Shake (formerly The Dan Sobel Archives)

Master Shake was a YouTube account, several stolen videos out of Dan Sobel and Spencer Karter were lost media for good.

Evil Indigo

Evil Indigo deleted his account.

FireBob Chanpants64

FireDark64 created his channel in October 25th,2020. As of mid 2021, he renamed his channel to FireGamingBlazer23 and FireBob Chanpants64 because he wasn't interested in making Super Mario 64 videos.


SuperSonicFilms was a now-closed channel that only posted 2 videos and a third was planned.

JABLEX Episode 1: Sonic Is Turned into Baby Sonic (LOST)

Subscribe to StupidSonicFilms (lost, mentioned channel's fate unknown)

JABLEX Episode 2: Unknown ( never released due to channel being closed, planned for a April 2020 release, only known info is of a "discord scene" planned to be in the episode)



Ciel recovers her light



Kevin Kpelafiya (3rd account)

He created his third account in Aug 20th,2018, until it was shut down in Sep 23rd, 2021. Because his 3rd account channel was deleted, his 4th account called "Kevin Kpelafiya 2006 // Productions" was renamed to "Kevin Kpelafiya"

Karma Charger

He joined on April 7, 2012, he was a TF2 YouTuber. his content included Weapon jokes, Weapon mods and Workshop Weapon Reviews, His account was hacked on 2019, but he got his channel back but in 2021, he deleted his channel because of his mental state he left a large message on Reddit. The only found content is on a playlist but the rest of the videos are likely lost forever.

Karma Last Message:


Karma Charger Saved videos:


Big Daddy

Big Daddy is a terminated channel and all his videos are lost.

Haziq Hafriz The Animation

He has had several Pretty Cure episodes deleted as his channel was terminated again.

ScratPolis xD

ScratPolis xD is a terminated Channel.


The only screenshot of a abandoned youtube channel..png

W1TH3REDMidas_RBLX was a ROBLOX channel from 2020 to 2021. His account was called itunes_trance, but because he got hacked, the account's videos got privated and can't be accessed via WaybackMachine.


LOLDOUGHNUT was a terminated channel that was owned by Jeckyjo. On that channel, she mainly uploaded stuff related to the Hatchimals and Singamajigs toylines. The videos might've been stored inside her old laptop, however it's infected with many viruses.

Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan was terminated at an unknown date.

Maddox Cox/Maddox121/Maddox021 (Some Videos)

Maddox121, also known by several other names, is a fairly small user who uploads every Saturday, but, several of his earlier or unreleased videos have been lost, especially after his hard drive got wiped.

Kevin Osmond (Most Videos)

Kevin Osmond was a YouTube channel originally dedicated to skits that was later transformed into a mashup and music showcase channel. Over 400 videos had been posted to the channel from 2017 to 2021. However, the channel was suddenly deleted on September 4th, 2021. Kevin said in a now deleted tweet that he didn't delete his channel so it was strange. It's been confirmed by Kevin himself that he still has access to a large amount of his videos and some of his older and more obscure videos have been uploaded to archive.org, but there isn't much else currently.


Nostalgivault Channel Is Channel Is Back!

Jen Wolford

Jen Wolford is Terminated for violating Youtube's Community Guidelines. His Videos Lost Is Gone!!

GeniusForever 2009

Geniusforever 2009 is Terminated violinting. My Video Is Gone!

Gwendolyn Osmond

Channel was randomly deleted in September of 2021. Might still have the videos.



Top 12 elgoog or google easter eggs. a coolpool567 video