Cyber 8 is a polish animator, who makes theese weird 3D animations (kinda like pamtri), however, cyber 8's channel has been deleted several times, while some of his videos were reuploaded, some werent


I don't know what this video was called or what was it about, all i know is the fact that it was reuploaded once, but it got taken down in an hour

update: the video has been found on

Peppas Basement

while the original peppas basement is found on websites like youtube and pornhub, the censored version is lost, in the censored version peppas private parts are censored, and that's pretty mutch it, it's just the original video but a bit more youtube friendly

2nd Arthur video

Cyber 8 actually made three videos on arthur, however only the first and third one were found. Just like the johnny test video, i don't know the plot or title of this video, it might be possible that no one even saved it, the onlly reason we know that it was made, is beacuse of another cyber 8 video by the name of "franklin silences his AK-47" where at the end we see a clip of the video, however it's silent

good news the video has been found

but for some reasson it wont let me post the link


Franklin silences his AK-47 reupload

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