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iNDemand "Movies on Demand" New Releases" bump (2005, image only)

iNDemand "Movies on Demand" New Releases poster (2005, image only)

INDemand Movies On Demand Family bump (2005, image only).pngiNDemand "Movies On Demand" Family bump (2005, image only).

iNDemand Networks "Action" bumper (2005, image only)

iNDemand "Movies on Demand" Action poster (2005, image only)

iNDemand "Movies on Demand" Drama bump (2005, image only)

iNDemand Networks "Movies on Demand" Coming Soon bumper (2005, image only)

iNDemand "Movies on Demand" Comedy bump (2005, image only)

Starting December 20-31, 2004, iNDemand released a package of movie genres interstitals, taking place in a movie theater (Regal New Roc 18 ). The movie genres posters were borded by a movie poster frame and it uses Halolite, Their interstitals were keeping, and this september to use this was June 2022 and I Rememer Seeing this HBO Family Bumpers (1999-2011) and Jam Bumper (2001-2010) and Magnet Bumper (2001-2005) and PBS Kids Roar (2001-2006) and PBS Kids System Cue (1999-2006) and Cartoon Network City and Yes Era Bumper (2004-2006) and Boomerang Bumper (2000-2014) and [adult swim] Bump (2004-2013) and Cinemax Bumper (2001-2007) and Cinemax in [adult swim] Style Bump (2008-2011) and iNDemand Networks Movies on Demand Bumpers (2004-2010) is Back on Cartoon Network 30th Anniversary in October 2022.

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