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iNDemand "Movies on Demand" New Releases" bump (2005, image only)

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iNDemand "Movies on Demand" Drama bump (2005, image only)

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iNDemand "Movies on Demand" Comedy bump (2005, image only)

Ondemand 03

iNDemand "Movies On Demand" Family bump (2005, image only).

Movies on Demand New Releases Poster (2005-2010)

iNDemand "Movies on Demand" New Releases poster (2005, image only)

Movies on Demand Action Poster (2005-2010)

iNDemand "Movies on Demand" Action poster (2005, image only)

Starting January 2005, iNDemand released a package of movie genres interstitals, taking place in a movie theater (Regal New Roc 18 ). The movie genres posters were borded by a movie poster frame and it uses Halolite, Their interstitals were removed starting September 6, 2010, being their last day to use the old 2005 interstitals. No video existence is found, but there are only 4 pictures found. It was designed by BigCityPix.


iNDemand Networks "Action" bumper (2005, image only)

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