Louis Garment: Undercover Case
Fan-made screenshot of what the master copy would look like.
Fan-made screenshot of what the master copy would look like.
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Louis Garment: Undercover Case was a direct-to-video cop comedy film released on September 21, 1989 by a now-defunct company known as Vnus Films.


The film follows Louis Garment (Sean Luke), a local North Carolina police officer trying to find the person that killed his cousin, Mark Bones (Michael Cross). With the help of Rachael Jordan (Randi Boné), the fat commissioner, Troy Large (Jon Herriman), and Shelby the police dog (Clarissa The Dog), they find the person who killed him, which happens to be a fictional version of then-famous actor David Schwimmer (King Bruce Arthur) and ends up being arrested and sentenced to jail for 25 days.


The film was written by Luther Anderson, Warner Pott, and Rick Smarti and was directed by Bryan Davidsson. The film was made by a movie company located in Scotland County, North Carolina called Vnus Films, which was opened in 1988 and closed in 1990 after 1 movie was made (that being Louis Garment.)


Since Vnus Films shut down in 1990, there hasn't been any release since its debut. Although a fan of the film has said on a blog post that he rented it from a local Hollywood Video store[1] in 1997, this meant that Hollywood Video had the last few copies of this movie.

The only thing that is available online of the movie is the intro, which was found by YouTuber OLdJunky_M'n86467.




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