Love Island is a well-known British reality TV show where singletons get dumped on a tropical island in Fiji (celebrity series) or Mallorca (civilian series) in the hope to make stand-out relationships. As of 2020, 9 series were produced (2 celebrity, 7 civilian) and has been hosted by Patrick Kielty, Kelly Brook, Fearne Cotton & currently Caroline Flack (except in the Winter 2020 series). The article here we're talking about are full episodes of the first 2 seasons which aired in 2005/6; although individual clips of those 2 seasons have been uploaded by several users through time, but no full episodes. Full episodes from Series 3 (2015) onwards are available to watch on Dailymotion & Netflix.

Series 1 aired between 16th May-20th June 2005 which was won by former nightclub owner Fran Cosgrave with TV presenter Jayne Middlemiss. Vlogger Steven Gray uploaded Paddy & Kelly's in-between presenting links which were lost media since erm... their original airing 14 years ago until February 2019 when he eventually uploaded them.

Series 2 aired between 10th July-28th August (Summer Bank Holiday Monday) 2006 which was won by wannabe reality star/model Bianca Gascoinge (daughter of Paul) alongside fashion model Calum Best. After that series, the programme was axed by ITV Executive Producer Michael Grade in November 2006 due to poor ratings and cutback on celebreality shows to investigate into more drama, comedies & entertainment. It was replaced by Simon Cowell's variety show Britain's Got Talent, which is still a huge hit.

Love Island returned 9 years after cancellation on ITV2 from 7th June 2015 with members of the public. Nowadays, it is one of the channel's huge successes because it is a highlight of many youngster's summers.

Like I said above, clips/full episodes from the 3rd series onwards are more common than the extremely rare full episodes of the first 2 seasons.

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