Mõmmi ja aabits
Mommi ja aabits
The title card of the series.
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Mõmmi ja aabits is an Estonian children's television series in which the little bear learns the letters of the alphabet. The series was based on Heljo Mann's book "Karu-aabits" (1971). The program was broadcast on Estonian television in 1973–1976 The series was directed by Kaarel Kilvet and Tiiu Vahi, the art direction was done by Gunt Randl and the music was composed bt Tõnis Kõrvits. 

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The first series began on March 18, 1973, and was in black and white. The series ran from 1973 to 1976 for 17 episodes. Not to become been created these programs have not been saved on tape. In the years 1977–1978 another color version was registered, which is also best known. At the end of the seventies, another seven-part series was created, in which Mammy already went to school, but these parts did not survive either.

New series

In the years 1998–1999, directed by Karin Nurm and Maarika Lauri " Teddy’s ABC’s 20 years later." Estonian Television Karulaane new folk songs The artist was Gunta Randla, author of music Tõnis Kõrvits and songwriter Heljo Mänd.



DVD cover

Parts 1-8; Recording from 1977. Estonian television, 2005

Sections 9-16; Recording from 1977. Estonian television, 2005

Mommi ja aabits. 20 years later. Recording from 1998. Estonian public television, 2008. Letters A, I, L, E, P, B, V, U, J, T and D were learned clearly

Mommi ja aabits. 20 years later. Record from 1999. Estonian public television, 2008. Let's learn the letters M, N, O, G, K, H, Ü, Ę, S, R, Õ and Ö



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