Lost Media Archive

"MTV Dance - Rave it" was a discontinued MTV.co.uk game created in Around Early-2008, created by MTV.co.uk owners. it was long-lost since March 1, 2010 MTV Networks UK changed the presentation graphics, The only 2 remaining pieces are MTV UK website's 2008 games section and screenshot from Paul Wilkinson's Behance Article about MTV UK Rebrand.

Game link (complete broken because the game's AC_RunActiveContent.js wasn't archived.):https://web.archive.org/web/20081223013155/http://www.mtv.co.uk/games/mtv_dance

DESCRIPTION: Get on one, pick your moves and get raving and send to you mates. Nice one. Top one. Sorted.


The game could've been found in a MTV UK website's 2008 games section, but the game was removed at March 1, 2010 because of March 2010 rebrand, making the game long-lost.