Make Way for Noddy: Big Ear's Pop and Spell Game
Noddy-Pop-And-Spell 1438871946.png
Status Unproduced

Make Way for Noddy: Big Ear's Pop and Spell game is a 2006 web game hosted on, after the site was removed in 2013 because of the PBS Kids rebrand and Peg + Cat, The web game was gone, it was hosted on until November 2019, going to the original host site will just redirect you to the home page, the 2nd one says the server wasn't found, going to the Wayback Machine will go to the game but it will freeze, There was an image that was found.

UPDATE 1 (NOVEMBER 30, 2019): I found a page for the game, but it will freeze, if you right-click and press "Play", It will skip the loading screen and it will just freak out:

UPDATE 2 (NOVEMBER 30, 2019): The game is on the official US Noddy website on the Wayback Machine (Not PBS Kids), but you have to join the "Noddy Club" to play it

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