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Make Way for Noddy is a British-American musical CGI animated series for children, produced by Chorion of the United Kingdom in conjunction with SD Entertainment in the United States. Based on Enid Blyton's Noddy character, it originally aired in twelve minute segments as part of the Milkshake programme on Britain's Five, from September 2, 2002 to 2003 in the UK and from September 11, 2005 to June 15 2007 in the US. It was repeated until the beginning of 2016 on NBC and PBS Kids Sprout in the US.[2] In 2005, the American version of the series was launched in the United States on PBS in a half-hour version. This version was a longer format; it combined two of the twelve minute segments with new material.

Along with the story episodes featuring Noddy and his friends, the PBS format included two interstitial programs, a music video and footage of British television presenter Naomi Wilkinson from Milkshake! The Say it with Noddy interstitials featured Noddy learning various foreign language words from a robot named Whizz (voiced by Matt Hill). The languages are French, Spanish, Mandarin, Swahili, Russian (US), and Urdu (UK).

Although most of the Noddy characters had been re dubbed in the American version to remove their English accents, Naomi spoke with a strong English accent, and used British English words and phrases in conversation. It features songs written by Steven and Julie Bernstein, Larry Grossman and Lorraine Feather. The music was directed by Terry and Sharon Sampson while the theme song and the music video segments were performed by the cast of the TV show Kidsongs.

DVD releases of all 100 episodes of the show were released by Universal Pictures in the UK between 2002-2008 and Funimation and ToonBarn in the US. == Alternative titles == Afrikaans title = Noddie Arabic title = نودي الحلقه Arabic (Islamic) title = نوري Bosnian title = Nodi Bulgarian title = Дайте път на Ноди Cantonese title = 小司機 Noddy Catalan title = Ja arriba en Noddy Croatian title = Zvonko Czech title = Noddy Danish title = Noddy Dutch title = Noddy English title = Make Way for Noddy Finnish title = Lelumaan Niksu French title = Oui Oui German title = Bahn frei für Noddy Greek title = Nonty Hebrew title = נדי Hindi title = Noddy Hungarian title = noddy kalandjai játékvárosban Icelandic title = Doddi Japanese title = ノディ Korean title = ? Macedonian title = Ноди Norwegian tilte = Noddy Polish title = Noddy Portuguese title = Abram Alas para o Noddy Romanian title = Noddy Russian title = Дорогу Нодди Serbian title = Nodi (Latin) Ноди (Cyrilic) Slovenian title = Prihaja Nodi Slovak title = Noddy Spanish title = Ya llega Noddy Ukrainian title = В Дорогу з Нодді Welsh title = Hwre! Dyma Nodi