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Mario Nights
The supposed cover.
The supposed cover, possibly photoshopped.

Mario Nights may or may not have been a game developed by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It is one of the rarest and least known games of the Mario franchise, as all that exists of this game is a photo of the cover. It is the last Mario title for the SNES.

The game is not listed on the Super Mario Wiki, as it lists the final Mario SNES game as Mario's Super Picross.

As of 4/8/17, the game has been proven fake, as Nintendo of America has no documentation of this game's existence.

The search for the game

UPDATE 1/14/17: I sent a letter to Nintendo.

Letter to Nintendo regarding Mario Nights (Click to read)

UPDATE 4/8/17: I am starting to have doubts. So far, I have not received any notification that this game exists or not. As far as I'm concerned, this game could be another Creepypasta, or a total mystery. Mario Nights may or may not be real. There is no info regarding it besides that one Slimebeast article, but I am still searching far and wide for answers. (I'm still waiting, Nintendo! Fill me in!) Nintendo still has not wrote back, and it's been 3 months. In closing, Mario Nights may just be another Creepypasta posted as fact, or a complete mystery. See ya next time. --


18:25, April 8, 2017 (UTC)

Letter back from Nintendo, proving Mario Nights a hoax. (Click to read)

UPDATE LATER THAT DAY: What do you know it, they wrote back! 

Wow. Just wow. According to them, Mario Nights.....does not exist! They do not have any documentation of a game released by that title for the SNES, or any other system. They also said to me that they can not confirm that it was officially published nor developed by Nintendo. They said thanks for writing and happy gaming.

In conclusion, Mario Nights is fake, and my search is over. B-bye!


19:45, April 8, 2017 (UTC)


This game might actually be a bootleg, since there exists several other bootleg SNES games out there like Pocket Monster, A Bug's Life, Pokémon Gold & Silver, Squirrel, Sonic 4, etc.

However though, this might also be a ROM hack, since there's a hugely extensive SMW hacking community on SMWCentral.