Mario Plush World is a Mario Plush series on the channel of ThatMarioGuy. It currently runs its fifth season, which had five episodes before all the videos were deleted.

Lost Media

On November 6th, all of ThatMarioGuy's videos slowly disappeared from his channel. It is unknown if they're private or deleted. The final video to get deleted was "12 Days of Christmas - Day 4" on November 6th, 2017.


Updates November 7th: CrayCraft41 (The Co-Owner of the ThatMarioGuy channel) had announced on the Discord that the video's disappeared for personal reasons and that "they should be back up in a couple of weeks".

A Discord user who goes by the name Lillie (Nicknamed "The Queen of Succ" on ThatMarioGuys Discord) says that they still have Season 4 Episode 15 "The Secret" and have Season 5 Episode 1 "The Family Tree" stored on their laptop.

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