Mario Carvajal history

Mario Carvajal was a chilean kid youtuber popular in youtube,who was constanstly insulted because in a video titled, "Mario Carvajal Console wars - Mario Carvajal guerra de las consoles" (original title)he shouted at his mother because he interrupted her during a video,which people found funny and cringy.However he had videos before he was popular according to this wiki

He won more popularity when the user Juanoxas Juanoxass ouploaded a rant which is here and also shows incomplete,commented clips from the videos and lost tumbnails

Mario carvajal profile pic.png

Later Mario carvajal changed his username to Lomany mau mau and made an animated gif as banner ( i dont know how to add a gif from a death webpage)

Lomany mau mau not animated gif).png

Then made animations with text to speech voice which in latinamerica are called loquendo animaciones.

In 2015 haters signed a petition to bann Mario carvajal and they did it.

Now he has a channel called blinkaring in which he reouploaded lost videos but there are many completely lost.

List of lost videos (original title shown right)

1.Console wars - La guerra de las consolas (reupload found)

2.Message to haters - mensajer haters (reoupload found)

-3.Text to speech: explanation of what is a rat kid - loquendo:explicasion que es un niño rata (Completely lost)

4.New course of this channel - Loquendo:nuevo rumbo de este canal (completely lost)

5.Lego animation test with nintendo 3ds - lego pueba animacion con nintendo 3ds (Completely lost)

6.#E1000PYR (Completely lost)

7.100 subs special - especial 100 subs (completely lost)

8.Completely lost video in which he showed what he got for christmas

9.Cap 4 the return:the escape! - cap 4 el regreso:el escape (commented clip found) (and full reoupload found)

10.The "doctor" of stupid questions - la ´´doctora´´ de las preguntas idiotas (found reoupload)


mario carvajal

Lomany mau mau

Blinkaring (new channel)


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