In December 1971, CBS aired the All in the Family episode "Cousin Maude's Visit", in which during a bout with the flu, Edith Bunker (Jean Stapleton)'s cousin Maude Findlay (Beatrice Arthur) crashes at the Bunkers' place - and turns out to be more of an outspoken liberal than Mike Stivic (Rob Reiner). The Maude character proved to be so popular that CBS ran another episode the following March, which served as the backdoor pilot for a spinoff series entitled Maude. Like All in the Family, it too proved to be a popular and groundbreaking show, except Maude ran for only six seasons and spawned one spin-off, Good Times.

In an interesting twist, unaired versions of the season two episode "The Double Standard" and the season five episode "Maude's New Friends" exist. In "The Double Standard", originally shot as episode 116, Maude debates whether daughter Carol Traynor (Adrienne Barbeau)'s boyfriend Chris (Fred Grandy) should sleep in the same room as Carol, or in the guest room. In "Maude's New Friends" (not to be confused with the season three episode "Maude's New Friend"), which was originally 315, the Findlays are introduced to a couple (James Coco and Helen Page Camp) who express interest in wife-swapping. The episodes were later reshot with cast changes, but tapes for both were found in Sony Pictures' vaults and included on Shout! Factory's 2015 complete-series box set.

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