Max & Ruby is a Canadian animated pre-school show about 2 bunny rabbits called Max & Ruby (like it says on the tin). Based upon the books by Rosemary Wells who also illustrated the characters from Timothy Goes to School and was produced by Treehouse Direct. The show, like many others was re-dubbed for the British market which aired on Nick Jr UK from February 2003 until sometime in 2014-ish.

Known voice actors

  • Max - Lorraine Parsloe.
  • Ruby - Lynn Cleckner.
  • Louise - Julie Ann Dean.
  • Grandma - Unknown
  • Valerie - Unknown
  • Morris - Unknown
  • Mr. Huffington - Unknown
  • Bunny Scout Leader - Unknown

Maniac Productionz has uploaded various small clips on his Vimeo account as well as a promo and some clips of the dub on the Nick Jr UK website.

Apart from the above, we are lacking further footage from the British dub like many of the others (except LazyTown & The Mr. Men Show which have already been found) and the Treehouse Direct UK YouTube channel has uploaded all the episodes from the Canadian original dub.

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