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Maya The Bee (Die Biene Maja) is a 1975 anime by Nippon Animation that is based on the German children's story "The Adventures Of Maya The Bee". The anime focused on a female bee named Maya who learns more about living in the meadow. An American/Canadian dub of the series was dubbed by Saban and  aired on Nickelodeon's children's block Nick Jr from 1990-1992 along with The Littl' Bits, Adventures of the Little Koala and The Noozles.

However after the show stopped airing on Nick Jr in 1992. There was never a home video release of the American/Canadian dub by Saban Entertainment. The anime had a total of 105 episodes while the Saban Dub only dubbed 65 episodes. Today only a few episodes of the Saban Dub can be found online since most of the episodes were recorded during the shows run on Nick Jr in the early 90's.



Classic Nick Promo (Early 90's) - Maya the Bee


Maya The Bee - Opening Theme

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