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Where Do Babies Come From?" is an unreleased song written by Melanie Martinez.  It was thought to be featured on her debut album, Cry Baby, but her father, Joel Martinez, told a fan on Instagram that this song would not be included on the album - but said that it "is a great song".


On June 1st, Melanie confirmed on her Periscope that the song would not be featured on the album. Her father posted an additional 15 second clip on Instagram (@jmartinezmtp) on July 26, stating that it did not make it on the album. Since a studio version has been made, it is possible that it can be released one day.

In July 2015, Melanie answered a question on Tumblr regarding this song, saying maybe in the future there will be a purpose for the song, but it is staying off the internet until further notice. 

  • Melanie has uploaded two short previews of this song on her Instagram account (@littlebodybigheart), (she has deleted them). Since then, she has not performed it, or released the whole song.
  • This song is not featured on Cry Baby because Melanie believes the rest of the songs are of higher standards, quality, and fit the theme better. She has also stated that this song is too personal.
    • However, prior to this, it was actually planned to be on Cry Baby, somewhere between Sippy Cup and Dollhouse, which is why snippets were released to see what people thought because Melanie was not very convinced with it, even though she had everyone's approval she discarded the song, making it unreleased.
  • The song will not be on the second album. Melanie says there are better songs than this one.
  • On Dec 6th 2017, a low quality snippet was leaked by an unknown leaker
  • In August of 2018, a high quality 47 second snippet leaked from a user on PopHatesFlops
  • In May of 2018 the user Caotico uploaded the full song