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noMemoryfest 2021 was an event hosted by The Caretaker's fan community, it consisted of 10 blocks, and 31 sets. 17 of the sets are found, 15 are officially archived by their creators, the other 2 are avaliable on the "Memoryfest Archive" YouTube channel.

The images and lengths of each set, along with most info about them can be found here: https://the-caretaker-fan-projects.fandom.com/wiki/Memoryfest_2021

Set list

# Set Name Set Artist Status
Trailer MEMORYFEST 2K21 Jordan Keuring (?) Lost
1 Dreams And Nightmares The Carebear Archived (By Creator)
2 Let Me Be Heaven Bound Nadsu Archived (By Creator)
3 When I Rest, My Soul To Keep Pixelated Programs Archived (By Creator)
4 [Untitled] Styzfruit Archived (Unofficially)
5 I Don't Believe You Mr. Luis Archived (By Creator) [Unlisted]
6 [Untitled] Ophios Archived (Unofficially)
7 Manic Memories Bella Ciao Archived (By Creator)
8 Memory Fest 2021 The Camaraderie (Various) Archived (Unofficially)
9 MemoryFest 2021 Kansel Archived (By Creator)
10 Flimsy's Memoryfest 2021 Set Flimsy Branches Archived (Unofficially)
11 NATMOS (Edits & Excerpts) The Caretakers (Various) Archived (Unofficially)
12 Memoryfest 2021 The Caremaker Archived (Unofficially)
13 Memoryfest ECHtoplasm Archived (By Creator)
14 empty sky Bard of Sorrows Archived (By Creator)
15 Memoryfest 2021 Séance Archived (By Creator)
16 Static Memories And Forgotten Futures Yellow Sky Music Archived (By Creator)
17 [Untitled] pot8o Archived (Unofficially)
18 Underwater Memories Amanita Archived (Unofficially)
19 Lost Sertanejo The Engineer Archived (Unofficially)
20 The "Havoc" Set WindowsGod2 Archived (By Creator)
21 The Nameless Song Jordan Keuring Archived (Unofficially)
22 [Untitled] Bright Eyes Archived (Unofficially)
23 A Set For Memoryfest 2K21 vanpassinby Archived (By Creator)
24 [Untitled] Burdent Archived (Unofficially)
25 A Dream That Was Once Complete The Haunted Ballroom Archived (By Creator)
26 Revitalization The Traveler Archived (By Creator)
27 [Untitled] Barnum Effekt Archived (Unofficially)
28 Memoryfest 2021 (Solo Set) Bit-Ghost Archived (By Creator)
29 Post-Awareness Horror MOMOMOcronX Archived (Unofficially)
30 Marigold's Memory Fest 2021 Entry Marigold Archived (By Creator)
31 [Untitled] Funny Stone Man Archived (Unofficially)





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjsYU14qehk (This was the old link to the trailer)