Metamor Kid Goomin is an SNES game developed by BPS. The game stars a kid named Goomin who can morph into 8 different forms including a mole, & a dragon. It was advertised in Superpower issue 19, Console Mania issue 28, & EGM issue 59. A bunch of screenshots were found by Moosmann in an Assembler forum. The game hasn't been found as of yet, & was virtually cancelled.

Screenshot #1 showcasing Goomin with a hammer(or is it an axe?).

Screenshot #2 is from a few seconds later.

Superpower's preview of it with screenshot #3.

A closeup of screenshot #3 where Goomin is kicking at a wall with a star. There are 2 boxes at the top of the screen.

The next 3 screenshots shown in Console Mania. One is in an area seen nowhere else, likely a festival of sorts.

EGM's preview of the game, showcasing another area never seen elsewhere.

A closeup of screenshot #7 with giant mushrooms in the backrgound. There are insects shooting at you alongside a purple glob on the higher ground.

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