Lost Media Archive

Miami Nice was a lost TV promo made a NBC to promote Miami Vice that without knowing inspirited the making of the hit show The Golden Girls. While the Sketch is described in many papers during the time The Golden Girls began broadcasting not a single clip has been found


The Sketch was part of a Variety Show that NBC did to promote the 1984 season, the sketch was to promote Miami Vice the Channel's latest action show. The Casting for the sketch used older actresses as the City of Miami is known as a retirement haven. The actress cast for it was Doris Roberts from Remington Steele and Selma Diamond from Night Court. 

Description of Promo

From different accounts the idea of the sketch was this:

Roberts and Diamond appear and Roberts induces Miami Vice however Diamond mishears "Vice" for "Nice" remarking that it probable is going to be very dull. However Doris trying to correct her ends up arguing with Diamond and after a short montage of Miami Vice appears leaves both ladies surprised and Diamond still is confused.

After Effect

While the whole show is questionable if it was aired, the promo must have been broadcast as Brandon Tartikoff, president of NBC Entertainment, saw it as a idea for a sitcom, he felt that older people especially women were unable to be given staring roles. After pitching the idea to make a sitcom based on the Miami Nice concept after several failed pitches Susan Harris wrote the Pilot Script for the Golden Girls.


Despite the importance of the clip and it's many descriptions in the press for the time, the original sketch is missing but if it was used during other commercial breaks it might be preserved on somebody's home videotape.