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Mickey and Friends' Greatest Hits was a collection of VHS tapes and VCDs released outside the United States (such as Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia) in 1998, featuring a selection of cartoons starring multiple Mickey Mouse characters.

The volumes were as follows

  • Mickey's Greatest Hits
  • Donald's Greatest Hits
  • Goofy's Greatest Hits
  • Minnie's Greatest Hits
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie's Greatest Hits
  • Pluto's Greatest Hits

While the English dubs of Mickey's Greatest Hits and Donald's Greatest Hits have been found and can be found on auction sites (though they were never released in United States or Canada), the English dubs of the other four volumes are lost and can't be found anywhere due to the fact they were never released in the United Kingdom unlike Mickey's Greatest Hits and Donald's Greatest Hits, the only proof of them receiving English dub's are the covers of the VCD's that can be found on the Disney wiki, with the exception of Minnie's Greatest Hits, which shows the Japanese VHS cover.

A video which shows the closing of the Mexican VHS of Goofy's Greatest Hits also shows that they may have been dubbed in English, as the credits show the name of the song played before the program starts (in this case, the song is called "The Goof")

However, the Spanish versions of the VHS's aren't lost, and, except for Pluto's Greatest Hits, the segments and songs have been uploaded in YouTube, and they have been uploaded here so you can see the segments.

UPDATE: The song from "Minnie's Greatest Hits" (which is called "Our Miss Minnie") has been found! The video was actually uploaded three years ago, but it wasn't until recently when the creator of this page found it!

You can watch/listen it below.


Video Gallery


Closing to the 1999 Mexican Spanish VHS of Goofy's Greatest Hits

The closing of the Mexican Goofy's Greatest Hits VHS, which supports the fact they may have been dubbed in English


MG mangas Los G.É. de Mikey y los sobrinos de Donald sin capitulos Latino

The segments for Huey, Dewey and Louie's Greatest Hits (skip to 3:48 to see the segments)


MG mangas Intros de Los Grandes Éxitos de Mickey y sus amigos Vhs Latino.

The intros for all the programs except for Pluto's Greatest Hits


MG mangas Los Grandes Éxitos de Minnie y Goofy sin capitulos Latino.-2

The segments for Minnie's Greatest Hits and Goofy's Greatest Hits


Our Miss Minnie Sing Along

The song from "Minnie's Greatest Hits"