Minecraft Misadventures was a Cancelled YouTube Series by DanTDM.


The Series was first announced in a Twitter post on 30 August 2017, hinting at the series, also saying that more details would come through on the 2nd September.


On the 2nd September 2018, like promised in the tweet. The name of the series plus some plot details were announced.


Later in the year, two promos were release, hinting at more plot detail, these being “WE NEED A THEME SONG!!” and “CRAIG MOVES IN” but the show was up in hiatus for nearly another year.

2018 Revamp

In Summer 2018, Dan revealed the show would be totally revamped to become an animated series. After that, a promo was shown, “DR TRAYAURUS’S FACE REVEAL!!” but after the promo, the show was never, mentioned again.

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