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Mio Mao - Hour of Meow

Mio Mao (pronounced me-o mow), also known as Mio and Mao, is an Italian-British claymation children's TV show produced by Misseri Studios, HiT Entertainment & Mad Mouse Productions, L+H Films (original 1974 series), Channel 5 (2005 and 2009 series), and Cartoonito (2009 series).

Most of the episodes are available in some form and the show is currently being aired on the US channel BabyFirstTV. However, "The Chicken", "The Crow", "The Duck", "The Frog", and a few other episodes are currently lost. It's unknown if any of these lost episodes have or will be aired on BabyFirstTV. The Bee Hive is lost in Czech Republic. The Armadillo is lost in pre-1973. The Bull lost since 1972. The Camel lost due to audio. The Chicken lost in U.S. The Crow lost since 1982. The Deer lost since 1991. The Dolphin lost in U.K. The Elephant lost in Japan in 2008. The Duck lost in U.K. The Lizard lost worldwide. The Frog lost in Wyoming. The Ostrich lost in Europe. The Lion lost outside U.K. The Egg is the first Mio Mao episode aired on December 20 1974. There is NO English DVD!!! Believe me i have looked.