"Miranda al Frente" (Miranda to the Front) is a 1997 music album composed and performed by Ana Maria Miranda, Chilean musician. The album contains several songs written for the FPMR, a Chilean Guerrilla group, including a piano cover of their album and the anthem of the FPMR's militia. Some of the songs inthe album are original songs, such as Himno de las Milicias Rodriguistas, while others are covers, such as Por ti Juventud. The artist herself, Ana Maria Miranda, has given permission for people to share her album online, however, most of the album is extremely hard to find.

It supposedly used to be on Grooveshark, but the link that previously led to the playlist now leads to a 404, and the Wayback machine results in nothing found.

Track List[1]

01. Soy Mujer (I am a Woman) (2:58)

02. Que No Se Los Lleve El Humo (Let's Not Let the Smoke Take Us) (4:33) [FOUND][2]

03. Yo Te Nombro Libertad (I Name You Liberty) (4:00) [FOUND][3]

04. Chile Resistencia (Chile Resistance) (2:26) [FOUND][4]

05. Himno De Las Milicias Rodriguistas (Anthem of the Rodriguista Militia) (4:23) [FOUND][5]

06. Himno Del Frente Patriotico Manuel Rodriguez (Anthem of the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front) (3:36) [PARTIALLY FOUND][6]

07. El Miliciano (The Militian) (2:11)

08. Libre Vendrás (You Shall Come Free) (2:26) [FOUND][7]

09. Y Va A Caer (And It Will Fall) (2:47) [FOUND][8]

10. Por Ti Juventud (For You Youth) (3:33) [FOUND][9]

11. Cancion Por La Vida (Song for Life) (3:11) [LIVE RECORDING FOUND][10]


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