Asteroid Andy is a series of shorts that were online at Ever since the Asteroid Andy website shut down in 2017, these shorts had been lost media. The reason these shorts are rare are because they are very obscure and not well-known by people. Due to this, the missing shorts are pretty much unlikely to be found.

List of Missing Shorts

  • Word Trends
  • Mysteries
  • Ice Cream Race!
  • Kitty News
  • Wake Up
  • Be Cute
  • A Joke
  • More Kitty News
  • Show & Tell
  • Sharing
  • Eyes on Owls
  • Sidekick
  • Donate
  • Spectacular!
  • Greatest Hits
  • Pick Me!

List of Found Shorts so Far

  • A Moment with Andy
  • Action News
  • Cookies
  • A Good Friend 
  • A Christmas Song
  • Baby Bumblebee
  • Robotic Hand
  • Sports Scene
  • Brush Your Teeth!
  • The First Day
  • Time to Go
  • Meet Andy!
  • Pilot to Co-Pilot
  • It's A Wonderful Sweater
  • Super Christmas
  • Frankenkitty!

If you can find one of the lost shorts, feel free to edit this page.


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