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"From the Creators/People who brought you the Discovery Channel comes (Digital Network)"

The Cool Place For Kids

"Available on (Name of Cable/Satellite Provider/4DTV) call "Cable Provider/Satellite Provider/4DTV to receive the very best in Digital Cable/Satellite/4DTV Programming. Discovery Digital Networks A Digital Cable/Satellite TV/4DTV Experience."

Curious Place for Curious Minds Discovery Science Channel

The Discovery Digital Networks was a Multiplex Cable Service From The People Who brought you TLC, Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel and The Travel Channel. The Discovery Science Channel, the former curious place for curious minds had shows like Extreme Machines, Science Live!, Science Daily, Science of the Deep and Specials Like the Best of Science Live! The Discovery Civilization Channel, the former place where the past was present had Shows Like Eco Challenge, Rewind, America Coast to Coast, Hard Time, Nixon and specials such as "Tattoo! Beauty, Art and Pain", "High Roller's Vegas" And others. The Discovery Wings Channel, A Cable network dedicated to "the wonders of flight" Had Shows Like Wings of the Red Star, Wings Over Vietnam, Wings over the world, Wings at war, Fasten Your Seatbelts Please, Out on a wing, A Chopper is Born, Extreme Air, And Special Presentations Like Air Shows. The Discovery Home & Leisure Channel , a former How-to Lifestyle Network Had Shows Like H&L Deluxe, Gardening Naturally, Hands on Weekend, Portrait, INNOVATRIUM, Home Matters, R&R, Wine TV and Segments as well. The Discovery Kids Channel A Former Kids Cable Channel Had Shows Like Incredible Story Studio, Mega Movie Magic, Real Kids Real Adventures, Timmy & Lassie and others, The Discovery Health Channel Had Shows Like She TV, Birth Day, Living Yoga, Children's Hospital and Greatest Spas While The People Channel Had Shows Like Timeless Women, Slice of Life and more.

In 1998, Discovery Digital Networks introduced TV Spots for "These Unique Channels from Discovery" Narrators Tell the Story About the Programming from The Discovery Channel To The Unique Discovery Digital Channels by Saying" From the People who brought you the Discovery Channel, Comes [Name of discovery digital network].

The Discovery Science Channel Had Shows Dedicated all things science 24 Hours a day 7 days a week and launched in 1996 along with the other discovery digital networks. It had All Your Favorites including Raging Planet, Science Live!, Science Daily, Science of the Deep, ULTRASCIENCE, Science of Whales, Connections, Wonders of Weather, Extreme Machines, Storm Warning, The Discovery Science Channel was created by 3 Ring Circus Along with The Civilization, Wings, Home & Leisure And Health Channels. The Discovery Science Channel also had specials like The Best of Science Live!.

In 1998 Discovery Digital Networks Had Cable Spots Starting With the first one that said "Only Digital Cable Satisfies Your passion with these unique channels from Discovery." For Example The Discovery Wings Channel Quoted " From the People Who Bring you The Discovery Channel Comes the Discovery Wings Channel. Now get airborne 24 Hours A Day And Experience The Wonder of Flight From Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow."

While The Rest of the Commercials Said "From the People who brought you the Discovery Channel Comes {Name Of Unique Discovery Channel]" And then Ends With Saying "Available Only on "Name of Cable/Satellite Provider", Call today And Receive The Very best of Digital Cable programming." "A Digital Cable/satellite TV Experience."

All People, All day 24/7

While The Discovery People Channel Launched in 1999 and got replaced By Discovery Health Channel in 2000, Discovery people Network had Slice of Life, All things People, Hollywood's Greatest Stunts And More. The Discovery People Channel Looks at people who helped shaped our culture some way.

Discovery Home & Leisure Channel the Place for upscale viewers looking to live the good life.

Discovery Civilization Channel Where the Past Is Present

The Discovery Home & Leisure Channel was a All How To Lifestyle Channel With Shows Like Fast Times, The INNOVATRIUM, R&R, Wine TV, World Class Cuisine, Autophiles, Reel Wars, Portrait, Reruns of the Christopher Lowell Show, Home Matters, Gimme Shelter Along with other shows which include Start To Finish, Work In Progress, Biba's Italian Kitchen, A Wedding Story, The Home Pro, Home Savvy, Reunion, CAPRIAL'S CAFE and others. Plus "You Did it" Segments along with lots of DIY Tips on how to make your home a beautiful Home and how to fix things. The Discovery Home & Leisure Channel Also Had Specials Like Hands on Weekend.

The Discovery Civilization Channel Was A Channel Dedicated to History and Past Events Like WW1. The Discovery Civilization Channel Had Shows like Rewind, Nixon, Eco-Challenge, World Odysseys, Snapshots of Europe, Rivals, American Stories, Shipwreck!, Treasure Islands and Specials Like Legends Anthology Desmond Morris' The Human Animal, Rerun of Wild Discovery and others.