Missing Playhouse Disney Clay Bumpers

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This is a list of missing bumpers from Playhouse Disney's first mascot, Clay. Clay would often introduce shows, promote major holidays, and be part of the "Word of the Day" shorts that ran until 2006.

Found Clay Bumpers

  • Play All Day Bumper
  • The Wiggles Bumper (Wiggly Friends)
  • Guessing Game: Madeline
  • Guessing Game: The Wiggles
  • Guessing Game: The Koala Brothers
  • Guessing Game: The Doodlebops
  • Word of the Day: Rabbit
  • Word of the Day: Bird
  • Word of the Day: Paint
  • Word of the Day: Crayon
  • Word of the Day: Song
  • Word of the Day: Bird
  • Word of the Day: Letter
  • Happy Summer Promo
  • Happy Holidays Promo
  • Super Clay Bumper
  • Blast Off Bumper

Missing Clay Bumpers

  • Guessing Game: Charlie and Lola
  • Guessing Game: Little Einsteins
  • Word of the Day: Portrait
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