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  • Aah recites a poem (deleted from Youtube) (English)
  • Aah is a race car driver (Spanish)
  • Aah says something without words (2008) (deleted from Youtube)
  • Aah counts balloons (English)
  • Airplane (deleted from Youtube)
  • Behind the door series (all segments lost)
  • Broken sink (Lost)
  • Campfire sing along (Spanish)
  • Doctor Ooh (only 1 segment found in Spanish)
  • Elevator: Handy Manny (Spanish)
  • Elevator: Mickey Mouse Cubhouse (Lost)
  • Fishing: Special Agent Oso (Partially found)
  • Finding Christmas colors (Lost)
  • Green Team series (Partially Found)
  • Jungle Jumble series (Partially Found)
  • Monk Email series (Partially Found)
  • Ooh & Aah climb a mountain (Spanish)
  • Ooh takes a picture by a plant (Better quality)
  • Ooh dresses up as Special Agent Oso (deleted from Youtube)
  • Ooh makes Aah run back & forth (Mandarin)
  • Ooh & Aah look through old photos (Spanish)
  • Rock Stars: Little Einsteins (Lost)
  • Rock Stars: Mickey Mouse Cubhouse
  • Roland's Announcement (Incomplete)
  • Ooh & Aah watches rocket for Little Einsteins (Lost)
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