Mission in Snowdriftland (found Nintendo developed flash game 2006)

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The map with all the levels completed
A picture of level 5 of the game, advertising Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Blue Rescue Team
A picture of level 18 of the game, advertising the Nintendo DS Browser

UPIXO In Action: Mission in Snowdriftland (or simply Mission in Snowdriftland) was a Flash-based platforming game created by Extra Toxic, with help from Nintendo. Doubling as a game and an advent calendar advertising different Nintendo products, every day from December 1 to December 24, 2006, an extra level was added to the game. Each level is filled with enemies and 24 snowflakes. Collecting every snowflake in a level unlocked secret downloads. The game was supposed to be taken offline on January 14, but was delayed until January 16. The site is now blank and the only think left is the website and a favicon of Chubby the Snowman.

Information on Yoshi's Island DS from the game

The game is playable on the developer's website and has been made known about again by the popular short documentary YouTuber Nick Robinson, who has been known for uncovering other lost media and games, such as the Nintendo DSi McDonald's eCDP training cartridge with the password.

A picture of the final level of the game, El Pix
The 100% completed map (all snowflakes collected)

Level 8 - Wii.png
A picture of Level 8, advertising the Wii

Mission in Snowdriftland- Nintendo's forgotten Flash game
Nick Robinson's video on his search for Mission in Snowdriftland. Mission in Snowdriftland- Nintendo's forgotten Flash game
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