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Fun fact: both the intro and credits were never used so the show's 2nd season is completely lost

Mixelsfan777 and Friends was a short-lived show made by Mixelsfan777 himself on PicCollage in July 2020. The show got cancelled in Summer 2021 due to the set being lost. Season 2 was greenlit 1 year prior to the first episode, but it was announced the season would be split into 2 parts.


"1 year of mf777 and friends. no special. season 2 will be split into 2 parts. new characters. over 20 episodes. unofficial dvd port."

On July 17th 2021 (the show's first anniversary) it was announced that there would be a second season of Mixelsfan777 and Friends but it would be split into 2 parts. The first 10 episodes would've been uploaded from August to October 2021 and the other half would've been uploaded from February to April 2022. A month later, Mixel himself would reinstall PicCollage but when he looked at his creations, everything was sadly gone and the show was cancelled.

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Another reason why the show was cancelled is because Mixel himself resigned from the Roblox community and went on to be a Brawl Stars YouTuber then became a Minecraft YouTuber.

On TikTok, there is a filter based on one of the characters from the show.

There was going to be a Christmas special for the show, but wa scrapped due to time constraits.