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Mixelsfan777 and Friends was a short-lived show made by Mixelsfan777 himself on PicCollage in July 2020. The show got cancelled in Summer 2021 due to the set being lost. Season 2 was greenlit 1 year prior to the first episode, but it was announced the season would be split into 2 parts.

The intros of the series are depicted. PAL version: left and normal version: right

Around in Late November 2020, episode 8.50 of Mixelsfan777 and Friends was supposed to be uploaded, but now it was lost.

1 year later, footage of the episode was found. It can be seen on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDtCFzI7lZU (WARNING: THE CREATOR HIMSELF SOUNDS LIKE A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL)


The thumbnail

December 31st 2021 (New Year's Eve) - I found the thumbnail!