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Moose and Zee is a short-form children's television series originally airing on Noggin from 2003 until 2009 and Nick Jr. 2009 until 2012.


TMF UK Closure - 26 Oct 2009 (includes Noggin & Up Your VIVA!)

Skip to 4:09 to see the dub!

In January 30, 2006 Noggin was revive in the UK, on TMF to air on the UK's DTT platform, Freeview, followed by CITV, then lastly Playhouse Disney on ABC1. but in September 25, 2006 Nick Jr on TMF had replaced the strand Noggin but its programming has remained identical. It used the same ident and presentation package as its main sister, Nick Jr. The reason for the change is unknown, but could possibly be due to the fact the Nick Jr brand is more well known in the United Kingdom than Noggin. Programmes shown included LazyTownDora the ExplorerThomas & Friends, and The Backyardigans amongst others. Noggin started broadcasting in 2009 after replacing the former Nick Jr. on TMF block. The final set of programmes shown were Go Diego Go!, Dora the Explorer, Little Bear and Maggie & The Ferocious Beast. It was a children's television slot broadcast on TMF from 07:00 to 09:00 daily.

A video of TMF UK's final shutdown was recently found, featuring the UK Dub of the Noggin song "Everywhere I Go", however, it's a shortened version.

Two videos of the UK Dub have been found, one is a promo where Zee does a race in space, and the other has Moose and Zee as 'The Eco Rangers' who power stuff off before going out. These 2 promos both have USA versions.


Nickelodeon Space Race

An episode of the UK Dub.

On: 10/5/2020 a Full USA Version of the Space Race has been found. Uploaded to YouTube by : Dakota Hylkema Est. 2002. back in Aug 17 , 2018.