As some of you know, MoreMarcus was a spin-off programme of the mid-Noughties TV series PointlessBlog. It was fronted by Marcus Butler (obviously!) who spent most of the show chattering-nattering about tasting different foods by wearing a blindfold, childhood throwbacks, quizzes, YouTube news, reviewing merchandise but not forgetting his addiction to Germany (where he now lives with girlfriend of model Stefanie Giesinger). Most of the videos from this channel have been permanently deleted forever, due to himself being more & more inactive and on the verge of quitting altogether; so I've decided to write an article about it here because it is now officially classed as "lost media" (that also includes the main PointlessBlog show with Alfie Deyes that I've already written an article on, which has also been lost forever, bar that £1 video). However, there are still a limited amount of videos from both sides that are dubbed with Russian subtitles; other than that, there are no other remaining footage of the 2 programmes ever since the show was axed due to the pair leaving.

UPDATE:- The entire 2nd channel "Just Marcus" has been fully deleted for good all because he is becoming even more inactive, on his way to being non-existant (I think he's no longer a YouTuber already now, happily living his life in Germany). As of early January 2020, the main channel has also been deleted too, displaying as "This channel has no videos"; therefore, both of his channels have been well & truly lost forever.

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