Morgan's Gold is an unmade 1939 Walt Disney cartoon featuring Goofy, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse whose script was reworked into the famous Donald Duck story, Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold, in 1942.

Plot Description

A green macaw named Yellow Beak knocks at the door of an inn and asks for some food in exchange for a map that leads to the lost treasure of the pirate Henry Morgan. After they acquire the map, Mickey, Donald and Goofy buy a boat from what they think is the widow of a dead sea captain. In fact, the owner of the shipt is Pegleg Pete, a huge black cat who also wants to find the island on the map and get the treasure. Hiding aboard the boat, Pete and his men wait until the good guys reach the island before capturing them and Yellow Beak. Our heroic trio escape, however, but Pete gets his hands on the map only to discover that there is a big hole in the centre, where the island was to have been depicted. It turns out that that part of the map was tattooed on the chest of Yellow Beak, and after capturing Pete and his pals, the parrot leads them to the treasure.


As mentioned above, the script for this film was made into the classic Donald Duck comic, Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold. Donald's nephews replaced Mickey and Goofy in the script, and Yellow Beak's part was enlarged somewhat. Some changes were made, of course, for the comic book version (Yellpw Beak asks for a type of stew instead of sasparilla, as was originally intended).


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