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Morriah was a Thrash Metal band from Greenville, South Carolina. The band was founded in 1989 and broke up at an unknown date. The band was made up of Chief Spires on bass, Pete Hammoura on drums, Karl Sanders on guitar and Sonny Staford on vocals. They released at least one demo tape called Let the Sword Descend before the band broke up.

The demo contained five songs, although only two of the five track names are currently known; "Marquis de Sade" and "Black River". The demo was sold via mail order for six dollars.

The band is notable due to the fact that after they broke up, Spires, Hammoura and Sanders went on to found one of the most popular Brutal/Technical Death Metal bands, Nile. The three have also played in several other metal bands of varying sub-genres throughout their career. Nile was allegedly inspired to play Death Metal after Sanders was introduced to the genre by David Vincent from the band Morbid Angel, who are widely considered to be pioneers of the genre.

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