Mr. President, There's an Asteroid Headed Directly For the Earth: The Musical is a most likely canceled musical written and presumably composed by Rob Cantor and Rick Lax. Originally, it was to be pitched to Amazon Studios as an episodic online musical to be hosted on Amazon Instant Video. While it was never picked up, demos do exist of the four songs in the first part. However, Rob attempts to cover every single role. Coming directly from the archived Amazon Studios page.

"In every disaster movie, some guy bursts into the Oval Office and says, "Mr. President! There's an asteroid headed directly for the earth!" This is that guy's story."

And the plot is set to be:

"Calvert, our geeky hero, meets Kayla at an astronomy lecture. She misread a flyer and thought it was an astrology talk. Her mistake will prove to be the most devastating event in the course of human history. As shown by the plot synopsis, there used to be a website for the musical containing all the songs (and most likely the script.) However, as of recent, the website has been closed down. Instead, you'll simply be met with its host trying to advertise to you. Telling from, the music was most likely just stored in a simple text file-structure format, rather than a pretty website, due to its main page being "".

Picture from the musical found on Amazon

Picture from the musical found on Amazon Archived 2012 page From amazon Studios

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