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The Mr Men TV series started in 1974 on the BBC, narrated by Arthur Lowe. All of the original versions are available on DVD and YouTube. The the Little Miss series came out in 1983, and so the Mr Men re-aired alongside it, with edited and added music.

Found footage

Right now there is very little footage of these edited episodes. Only one full episode "Mr Forgetful" is available online, from a tape recording of an airing with "Little Miss Naughty", albeit in low quality.

The intro to "Mr Greedy" is available online in good quality from a tape recording of the episode, but this author contacted the uploader, and they said they can digitise the full episode of Mr Greedy.



Mr Men Original - Little Miss Naughty & Mr Forgetful.


"Can't You See the Mr Men are Everywhere?" Mr Greedy Titles Children's BBC See Saw from 1986


The Mr Men Wikipedia page that mentions the re-runs [1]