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MumbleBumble (often stylized as Mumble Bumble) is a Canadian-Danish animated edutainment television series created by Christian Skjøtt and produced by Egmont Imagination and CINAR (now WildBrain, formerly DHX Media). The series lasted 65 five minute episodes in the span of two seasons; with Season 1 consisting of 26 episodes and Season 2 having 39.[1]


The series follows a gentle, creative blue hippopotamus named MumbleBumble, who lives in a windmill down in the forest. His friends include Chic'o the inquisitive chicken, Greens the energetic frog, Roc the crocodile and Oink the pig (the latter two are introduced in Season 2). On most episodes MumbleBumble would use his imagination to play pretend and do whatever he and his friends please. For example building a cardboard television to be on TV, or setting up chairs and tables to "ride the bus".



Mumble Bumble 01 - "A Cloudy Day"

Ten episodes were released on DVD in 2007 via three compilation DVDs released by Direct Source Special Products. These DVDs featured this and other shows owned by what was at the time Cookie Jar Entertainment. Unfortunately they are quite rare and out of print.[2][3][4]

The alformentioned ten episodes were uploaded on YouTube around May of 2019 by TVShoaz.[5] Before then, the first episode, A Cloudy Day, was uploaded by DangerousVHS2 on July 1st, 2018.[6]

In Canada, the show also airs in between programs on TeleNiños and TeleBimbi, however only in Spanish and Italian respectively.[7] A bunch of episodes in those two languages have also been uploaded by DangerousVHS2.[8][9]