The poster for the film

Music Land was a package feature produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1955.

Following Howard Hughes' takeover of RKO, Walt Disney was very worried about the future prospects of the studio. He did not trust Hughes to make the right decisions with the distribution of his films and wanted to sever ties immediately. However, Disney was still contractually obligated to deliver one more film to RKO after the release of Peter Pan in 1953.

To fulfill that contract, Disney re-edited segments from Make Mine Music and Melody Time together. The shorts were the same (and the full version of those films are still in circulation today) but the film featured a new intro, new transitions between the shorts, and a new ending. Although rushed, it counted as a feature film and fulfilled Disney's contract with RKO. Walt Disney would go on to use the Buena Vista Film Distribution company to distribute his films. Although that brand has been mostly retired, Buena Vista is still occassionally used for Disney's DVD releases.

Music Land was never shown after its release outside of a special showing at the National Film Theater as a tribute to Walt Disney. It has never been made avaliable on home video and was officially removed from the Disney canon in 1985. Very little information about the film can be found online today, although lobby cards and advertisement material is available.