Lost Media Archive

My Big Big Friend is a Brazilian-Canadian animated series that aired on Treehouse TV in Canada, and Discovery Kids in Brazil. Their has a few missing English episodes. The YouTube channel uploaded almost all the episodes until it stopped uploading.


Season 1

1A: Brickle Pickle (FOUND)

1B: All the Way Up (FOUND)

2A: Hippo-licious (FOUND)

2B: Clowning Around (FOUND)

3A: Air Buddies (FOUND)

3B: The Sneakers (FOUND)

4A: Skipping Stones (FOUND)

4B: No Kid is an Island (FOUND)

5A: Show-and-Tell (FOUND)

5B: Perfect Princess (FOUND)

6A: Count Glerm (FOUND)

6B: Hair-Brained Idea (FOUND)

7A: Over the Rainbow (FOUND)

7B: Lili's Tea Party (FOUND)

8A: Tell Me a Story (FOUND)

8B: Food's Up (FOUND)

9A: A Chance of Tomatoes (FOUND)

9B: Time Out! (FOUND)

10A: Missing Miss Puffy (FOUND)

10B: Descent to the Downstairs (FOUND)

11A: Faeries of the Forest (FOUND)

11B: Diggin' a Hole (FOUND)

12A: Fort Messy (FOUND)

12B: Beach Blast (FOUND)

13A: Finders Keepers (FOUND)

13B: Everyone's a Critic (FOUND)

14A: Music Man (FOUND)

14B: Dream On (FOUND)

15A: King of the Monkeys (FOUND)

15B: That's My Spot! (FOUND)

16A: It's My Party! (FOUND)

16B: Doggy Duty (FOUND)

17A: Derailed (FOUND)

17B: Somethin' Special (LOST)

18A: The Sleepover (FOUND)

18B: I Didn't Think of That (FOUND)

19A: The New Farmer (FOUND)

19B: Perfect Picnic (FOUND)

20A: Lili Bee (LOST)

20B: Flower Power (LOST)

21A: No, My Game (FOUND)

21B: Manly Matt (FOUND)

22A: Stickers (LOST)

22B: Matt's Fun Park (FOUND)

23A: Big and Small (LOST)