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My Heart's Been Thinking is a song by Liam Lynch that was featured in the Clone High episode, "Episode Two: Electric Blu-Galoo", during a scene where Abe Lincoln and Joan of Arc argue on the thinking docks.


The song in question was first pointed out on a Reddit post on the Clone High Subreddit by u/AssGoblin27, where he was asking what the full song was called, and the post was crossposted to the lost media Subreddit, and the title of the song was identified as "My Heart's Been Thinking", with the artist being Liam Lynch.

The Reddit user u/JBrad0322 made a post showing a screenshot of him after contacting Liam Lynch asking him if he has the full song. Liam replied by confirming that he did record and write the song many years ago, however, he does not have a copy of the song due to his computer having many major meltdowns during those years, and many files were lost, including all the Clone High songs. Liam states how he's confident that a copy may exist somewhere, but not with him, and if a copy does exist, than it's likely in the hands of one of the show's production companies.



"My Heart's Been Thinking" Clone High

A video depicting the scene where the song is heard, with the voices of Abe and Joan edited out to make the song easier to hear.

The heart in my mind has been hoping,

and the night in my heart has been wishing.

I'm fine in my heart, as I've been thinking... (*fade*)