My Life Me is a Canadian-French animated show aimed at pre-teen audiences, that ran for only one season.

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The show centers on a girl named Birch Small, who plans to be a comic book artist, trying to survive high school. She is a manga and anime fan, and the art style of the show reflects this. As it is, the show was nominated for a few awards in its run time, most of which were Canada-only, even though only Teletoon carried it. It's still listed as being run on three TV stations (KI.KA in Germany, Once TV Mexico in Mexico, and PBJ in the US), but the data on Wikipedia involving this hasn't been updated since June 2013. (Note: Once TV still carries the show, transmitting it Saturdays at 11:45 A.M., Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 P.M.)

YouTube user "Fernando Gomez", with the support of some friends, has managed to get a hold on all episodes minus episode 9, which is, for the time being, unexistent. "Fernando Gomez" has uploaded all the episodes that were aired on Once TV Mexico in Spanish under the next link: . Most episodes are in standard quality, the opening is available by itself and there are even some episodes in HD quality. However, original French or English-dubbed episodes are still missing.


10 out of 52 episodes were found in English uploaded by YouTuber user nedji5012. Videos are found here:


  • 5/20/20: Good News! All of the episodes of My Life Me were found completed on YouTube.
  • 2/17/21: The show can be found of Pluto TV



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